Importance Of Nutrition

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My first degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) is a Bachelor of Arts in dance. The pressure to be thin and extreme dieting habits of my classmates lead me want to learn more about nutrition. UWM offered a Nutrition Certificate, which I earned along with my dance degree. This helped me to realize my passion about managing and preventing metabolic diseases through lifestyle habits. However, influencing people to change their habits is difficult. People know they should eat a healthy diet and exercise, but don’t. How can I use psychology, counseling, and acceptance of meeting people where they are at, without judgement, to help improve their health status? There is also the malnutrition/ over nutrition paradox, which results…show more content…
Since 2013, I have been a health screener for Interactive Health. I perform biometric screenings (blood pressure, waist circumference, BMI), then analyze those values and the client’s lab values (glucose, HDL, LDL, triglycerides, and total cholesterol) to give them a snapshot of their health status and areas that could be improved. I was part of a six-member research team to conduct preliminary research between dairy consumption and the elderly population in Milwaukee. I assisted UWM’s Nutritional Sciences program director in overseeing the UWM College of Health Sciences Wellness Hub. There, I have led nutrition education/ cooking demonstrations for UWM sports teams and faculty and organized our food safety and procedure manual. Last academic year, I taught a cooking/ nutrition/ movement class through the Wauwatosa recreation department for students 4-10 years old. In each class I include: two recipes, nutrition activity/ coloring sheets, movement games, and a short lesson plan related to My Plate. At the end of each class, the students receive a handout, designed by me, which contained the recipes, their nutritional content, and tips or substitute ideas. I provide an additional handout for parents to combat picky eating and empower families to make healthy food choices. I have also designed a “picture-graph” style coloring recipe guide to accompany each recipe and recommended serving…show more content…
My two special interests in nutrition are nutrition for adolescent athletes (specifically dancers) to support their growth and development as well as their performance, and nutrition for disease prevention and management for adults. I want to provide healthy eating resources in these two community settings on how to keep their bodies healthy with food and exercise. I want to work in community nutrition with nonprofit organizations such AS Hunger Task Force, SNAP-ed, or WIC. Long term I want to be university professor. I am the woman I am today because of the mentorship from my previous professors at UW-Milwaukee and UW-Green Bay. I want to positively impact the young adults in the field of nutrition the way my
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