Importance Of Nurture Vs Nature

When it comes to nurture versus nature, the topic of personality development can be very complex. Nature involves physical, genetic history, neuroscience, and biological vulnerability. To nurture is to care for and encourage development. In my opinion, I believe nurture has more important factors when it comes to personality development. Three of the most important factors include parenting, character, and environment. These three factors come together and play important roles when it comes to developing a personality. Parenting is the most important factor when discussing personality development. First of all, parenting normally allows for loving, affectionate, and caring relationships to form. These relationships are essential when developing…show more content…
When these relationships are formed, the child can begin to grow into a healthy, and cognitive person. In these bonds the parent figure is the leader. Which in many cases, a young child will imitate the language spoken and the actions done that surrounds them. As children, we learn how to speak and behave in the different way that we interact with our parents and others. An example of this is when teaching a child to speak for the first time, in my opinion, the main method used as a learning technique is repetition. To repeat something a numerous amount of times in the hopes the child will impersonate what has been said or done. Nurturing a child helps develop their personality because it builds a relationship where the attachment is important and the child becomes dependent and will most likely do as told and look up to their parent for guidance. The role of a parent figure is crucial for a child developing a personality because parents teach and prepare their children how society works, and…show more content…
Healthy, loving parents allow for the child to receive the attention and care that is essential for a child’s brain to be stimulated. When a child’s brain is properly stimulated, cognition plays a part by then building the unique character of the child due to their perceptions and life experiences. Lastly, the environment in which a child lives prepares them for society, and affects their personality because it determines how they want to behave within society. As a result, these three factors are the very important when it comes to developing a

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