Importance Of Nursing Lesson Plan

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Patient education is an important element of nursing practice and its purpose is to increase the competence and confidence of clients for self-management (Falvo, 2011). In order to educate the patient about a newly diagnosed condition, it is important for nurses to first construct an effective lesson plan. The scenario of Mr Singh`s newly diagnosed hypertension in part A is used as an example of a successful teaching plan. The purpose of the following essay is to explain and justify the content of the lesson plan. Each section of the plan will be discussed in order according to part A, with an effective use of scholarly literature. Before commencement of an education session, it is important to assess both clients for changes that may affect…show more content…
(2014), older adults tend to be more focused and better able to ignore distraction in the morning than in the afternoon, therefore the session was booked for 9am. The venue for the education session is Mr and Mrs Singh`s house. It is becoming well known that the home is where the best teaching and learning takes place. The home environment is usually less distracting than the hospital where people come in and out of rooms and it is much calmer and quieter at home, with better lighting and therefore is easier to concentrate (Boulton-Lewis, 2010). Moreover, this is a place where most of self-monitoring and treatment is going to happen. Additionally, because nurses have a couple of visits to the patient`s home, they are able to observe Mr Singh`s progress after he had time to practice his blood pressure machine technique and check that he takes his medications regularly. On the first visit to the home, the nurse discussed with Mr and Mrs Singh an appropriate place of education and they agreed on their home being the ultimate place because that way they don’t have to travel far and therefore be less anxious the night before. During the first visit, the nurse had also determined which educational material Mr and Mrs Singh are after, whether they have an Internet access and are able to use it so that all the material that the nurse brings for them is easily
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