Importance Of Nursing Career In Nursing

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Nursing career is a profession of art and science governed by standards demonstrating compassion, integrity, and respect to those they serve. Nurses are responsible and held accountable in upholding the standards of “Code of Ethics” set by the American Nursing Association (ANA, 2001, 2015). As the Healthcare Network evolves and becomes more complex so too must nursing change to meet the demands and needs of the people they serve. Advancing down the educational pathway allows nurses to have the opportunity to increase their knowledge in order to meet the needs and demands. The responsibility of every nurse at any level of practice is to the nursing profession, to the healthcare network they commit to, and to each other. Their
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It comes with many challenges and stressors of every sort however, with all of its complexity my passion in caring for the people I serve comes great satisfaction. I care equally for the ill as I do for the healthy. To me illness prevention is as important as disease treatment and often find myself providing education to others such as friends, family, and of course my patients. As I continue my plans in furthering my education in completing my Bachelorette in Nursing (BSN), I will move forward in achieving my Masters in Nursing (MSN). Having achieved this will open more doors in continuing my career in Nursing Informatics (NI). Moving from the clinical specialist at bedside, to now my current position as clinical information technologist (IT), allows me to continue to work indirectly with patients, which I enjoy. I feel I am now more of the advocate for my fellow nurses and physicians building the “user friendly” electronic health record (EHR). Nursing is ever changing, challenging, rewarding, and I am grateful to have had all the opportunities in my career. My career journey will take me to a different aspect of nurturing however, just as important our patients are we too must nurture each other. I am looking forward the continuous growth in my career in clinical IT. I believe in good communication with any new implementation and encourage feedback and input. I let them know they are valued and important to what will ultimately affect them. As stated by Billings and Kowalski (2008) using positive questions can enhance communication, increase the understanding, and commitment in the work force. I always say to my colleagues, “Changing your documentation is not meant to change your standard of practice, only changes the place where you document”. This ultimately puts those at ease as we all know moving from paper charting to electronic can be
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