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Nurse Practitioners are very important to the world we live in today. They have such caring hearts and they develop strong relationships with their patients. By doing so, they make their patients feel loved and safe. I believe that nurse practitioners are some of the most important people in the medical field. There are different areas that nurse practitioners could work in, such as pediatrics. They work with all kinds of people, making them feel better and healing any medical problems that are occurring. Nurse practitioners have many qualities, duties, and different settings in which they can work in. To be a well-rounded nurse practitioner, communication skills, compassion, and teamwork are key when working with patients. Communication skills…show more content…
(“Becoming a Nurse Practitioner”). In clinics, nurse practitioners get more one on one time with their patients. It is a less tense environment where nurse practitioners can spend more time with their patients because there are fewer patients. Nurse practitioners would work with patients with low income and little to no insurance. Clinics are also more family friendly. In hospitals, there is more competition between nurse practitioners because there are so many patients. Hospitals are open all the time, which means nurse practitioners work around the clock. There are no appointments needed at hospitals, whereas at a clinic, it could take weeks before a nurse practitioner can see a patient. Nurse practitioners that work in hospitals can see kids, babies, and adults. If needed, a patient could stay overnight, and have nurse practitioners on stand-by. In a nursing home, communication skills are put to the test because you are around their patients all the time. They tend to develop personal relationships with their patients. Whether a nurse practitioner works at a clinic, hospital, or a nursing home, prescribing medicine, evaluating patients, and creating treatment plans will always be a part of their job duties. (“Becoming a Nurse…show more content…
As of May 2016, California had the highest paying mean for nurse practitioners making $124,330. In Louisiana, the annual mean wage ranged from $95,260 to $99,680, as of May 2016. In the United States, 10% of nurse practitioners earned $72,420, and 90% earned $140,930. (“Occupational Employment and Wages, May 2016”). For a person to get a job as a nurse practitioner, he or she should find openings where there is a need for them. Depending on the environment a nurse practitioner works in, he or she may be able to “…work nights, weekends, and holidays.” (“Nurse Anesthetists, Nurse Midwives, and Nurse Practitioners”) This gives the nurse practitioner extra money, which would be very beneficial. In the end, location can play a factor for money a nurse practitioner

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