Importance Of Nature Conservation Essay

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Nature conservation has been one of the most essential applications of ecology in the world since the beginning of human evolution. Natural resources contain all the minerals, land, and water resources which stay beneficial to human society. They can be divided into two categories such as: renewable resources like solar energy and fresh water, and non-renewable resources like fossil fuels and minerals. The UAE believes that the awareness of nature preservation should be well educated to all locals and residents to protect UAE’s surroundings and achieve a high quality of living. The UAE also deals with implementations of science to reach its great potential of protecting nature as a part of its culture. For example, “Masdar City” the most magnificent and sustainable eco-city, that is developed through scientific methods of nature protection. The UAE aims to provide modern solutions that are based on science and technology through collaboration between the governments and participants to make the country a better place to live in. This essay will identify several scientific solutions that have been taken as nature preservation in some institutions of the UAE.

The United Arab Emirates has always taken responsible steps towards nature conservation. It is one of the unique countries that show respect to the environment with several useful projects. Through the utilization of science in concepts and methods, the UAE follows a vision of spreading awareness among people and providing a glorious life. The Ministry of Environment and Water in Dubai has started its conscious effort in order to have a high efficiency of water by using hydroponics. Hydroponics is a process of cultivating plants in water rather than soil, by using ...

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...ter resources by consuming less water. It also helps protecting human health by raising agriculture outputs and reducing pressure on the crops through the new irrigation system (5).

To conclude, the excessive consumerism of natural resources seems an alarming threat in the UAE. But instead, the UAE has played an active role in protecting natural resources especially water for its people’s well-being. It has started working on many effective projects that are considered as important aspects of nature preservation. The majority of the projects and researches are focused on irrigation and reducing the water use. All projects are successful for helping people to adapt the urbanization of the UAE. From my perspective, I believe that all of the people should realize these evolutionary solutions in order to protect the ecosystem and preserve natural resources.
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