Importance Of Natural Polymers

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Polymers are some of the core factors that enable the continuation of life, which is both the natural and the synthetic ones. Over time since the beginning of life, natural polymers were the main supports to living things. Eventually, in line with human development, synthetic polymers has become a valuable addition to the available and usable polymers.
Natural Polymers are the RNA and DNA vital in genes for life processes. As a matter of fact, the messenger RNA is the main component that makes up the bodily proteins, enzymes and peptides. Enzymes carries out most of the chemical reactions inside the living organisms, whereas the peptides bring out the characteristic features of the skin, hair and the hardy structures like the horns, nails and beaks.
Some other naturally available
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Unfortunately, this feature makes the disposal of polymers difficult. As a matter of fact, most polymers like the polyethene and the polypropene are not biodegradable meaning that they are not breakable by micro-organisms. Due to this feature, these polymers last in rubbish dumps for many years. However, modern productions use chemicals that make the breaking of the polymers much easy. Polymers are incinerated or burnt to produce a lot of electricity, energy and heat which is harnessed for heating purposes in industries and at homes. On the contrary, this incineration causes production of carbon dioxide which accelerates the global warming and its effects. The carbon dioxide gases are curbed only by burning the polymers at high temperatures. Recycling. It is highly beneficial that polymers are reusable after recycling because this property reduces the demand for crude oil and disposal problems. On the other hand, this activity is highly expensive and difficult to

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