Importance Of National Development Plan

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The National Development Plan is a long term strategic plan1 which defines the countries objectives the steps which the country is set to take in order to achieve the said objectives2. The NDP's overall aim is to develop a stable and sustainable economy, eliminate poverty and to reduce inequality by 20303. This plan is significant because it shows what the South African government has identified as necessary to improve the status quo. This plan is of immense value as it allows the general public to be informed of the changes to come and the steps that will lead to these changes being fulfilled as they are also responsible for implementing the plan. It creates the opportunity for achievable and realistic decisions to be taken. The purpose of this paper is to provide an understanding of the NDP, its objectives and actions based on the reading of its executive summary, a South African News Agency article and a criticism of it drafted by the Congress Of South African Trade Unions (COSATU). There is no standard definition of poverty in South Africa, the poverty line aims to give one a general idea of what poverty is. This is at R418 p/m (in 2009 prices), the NDP aims to reduce the rate of individuals living below this from 39% to 0% in 20304. it notes that poverty is a multi dimensional concept that cannot be measured exclusively on income5. Development in this case is defined as the improvement of a situation from an ill one to a productive and sustainable one which would be void of inequality6. Inequality is the lack of equality in the distribution of wealth, education and opportunities7.The definitions and or contexts of these terms provided in the NDP reflect the general standard “definitions”. This first half of this paper re... ... middle of paper ... ... with in order for it to be achieved. It has goals which seek to reduce poverty, spur economic growth, create economic transformation and mass job creation as well as be rid of inequality. Long-term planning and investment in the future is just as important for the private as the public sector. The government has pledged it commitment to the NDP and Government is clearly stating its commitment to the NDP, and it is important that the private sector does the same. The NDP stands out because it is a well articulated and planned process which has a time-frame which should help to ensure that things are achieved on time. COSATU's draft of the NDP's critique, provides possible obstacles that the NDP may encounter, it states its qualms with its diction and length. Perhaps, the NDP should release an executive summary which is shorter in length and scripted in layman's term.
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