Importance Of My Decision To Become A Nurse

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Dear Sir or Madam, I have given careful consideration in my decision to pursue an advanced degree at this time. It has always been my goal to continue my education towards becoming a nurse practitioner; however I had concern entering a graduate program with only two years of clinical nursing experience. These reservations were dissolved upon meeting with current leaders, recent graduates, and Fairfield faculty, who encouraged me in my educational pursuit with both confidence of my current capabilities and confirmation of how a DNP education will enable me to become a sound APRN. Working alongside nurses with a variety of educational backgrounds, I witness the difference that an advanced degree makes in the quality of patient care and leadership ability. With greater reason I am prepared to dedicate myself towards a degree that can effectively contribute towards a rapidly changing healthcare environment, in need of qualified practitioners, and effective leaders. As co-chair of my unit’s practice council, I understand the importance of applying evidence based research to improve practice, but quickly learned how challenging it can be for an entire unit to adapt to those changes. Not all employees are UPC members, nor do all read email or paper minutes to know what changes we are adapting. It became apparent that transformation requires an equal desire from staff to want to promote wellness as well as direct communication channels. Therefore, it was our duty as UPC chair to provide transparent data that illustrates the benefit of change for patients and staff as well as an effective means of communication, which we did via monthly staff meetings. Our end result is consistency among staff awareness, increased staff engagement, and u... ... middle of paper ... ...osely with in the DNP track. Your faculty took their time in answering my questions, and were eager to embrace me. I feel confident that your interest is to help aspiring nurse practitioners like I succeed. Fairfield University is also recognized in the community for culminating excellent nurses via its rigorous program and broad clinical experiences. I currently work with several Fairfield alumnae, and see prime examples of how committed and skilled they are as professionals. I would be proud to be a Fairfield graduate. I believe I am a strong candidate for advanced doctorate study in nursing. My work experience, education and personal desire to help others have instilled in me qualities that promote professionalism, life-long learning, and a desire for quality care. I have diligently modeled the upcoming years, and am ready to embrace this journey successfully.
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