Importance Of My Dance

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My principal extracurricular activity has been dancing, which I have been pursuing since I was a sixth grader. Indubitably, my dance has given me my identity and recognition at school. I am the ‘dancer’ who can be called upon to save the day anytime! Today, I cannot separate my art from me, for we are one.

As a part of my school’s exclusive dance troupe, we not only perform in school for multiple occasions, like, Prize Day, National Day (UAE), India’s Republic Day and Independence Day etcetera, but also participate in inter-school competitions and win prizes. I also performed in Rangoli, a program that dance, on national television in month year.

Some competitions that I partook are, Jhankaar, in 2011, 2012, and 2014, the Creative Fest in
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I enjoy the process in the start where we have to research and find or design the choreography for the performance. I thrive as we try new songs; make new mixes, for that unleashes my creative energies. Also,

Being present at the venue and meeting other competitors from other schools from the UAE has other advantages; as life in the UAE tends to make each group, live in their own external tangent circle. Thanks to the competitions, I made some friends for life!

Dancing on the stage, under the arc lights, in front of many spectators, also helped me get rid of stage fright. That in turn enabled me to enjoy my dance even more. Today, I long for the next time I get to dance on stage. Moreover, I feel so alive and in general I like people to notice me. My dance performances imbued me with confidence, which made me a confident debater and speak to my audiences powerfully.

Finally, I would like to say that dancing gave me an identity in school. I feel happy when my cohorts recognize me and to younger girls join the dance group, as they want to dance like me. My teachers and those junior to me will remember me as a dancer and I will miss school mainly because I will miss my dance family. Indubitably, I will cherish the times I have spent – performing on stage, practicing and making many friends at
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