Importance Of My Community Service

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I was born to a Mexican American family; and I had the privilege of being the first born of three girls. As I was growing up, I had big dreams and goals that I wanted to accomplish. Among those dreams was that of me wanting to become an artist or a famous singer. I basically wanted to become a famous individual, be able to travel and be someone in life. It was until middle school that I realized and told myself that I needed to focus on something that was more realistic, something from which I could make a living from. It was then that my goals got real. I was now determined to pursue a professional career that would help me become the individual I always dreamed of, an individual that would bring benefit to me as well as to those around…show more content…
I have had the opportunity of doing my community service hours at church, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. At church, I volunteer as a teacher in classrooms with elementary school age kids. At other times, I am an assistant in the nursery section at church. I realized that this would be a substantial place for me to complete my community service hours because I consider my religion to play a big role in my life and it is a great position where I can further develop techniques on how to teach kids and learn how they interact and learn quicker. Every time I teach I feel like I am an influence toward each and every one of those kids that are learning, exploring and finding out who they are. It is highly encouraging to see how many of them look up to me and want to be like me, pushing me to become a better individual and keep pushing forward to accomplish every goal and dream. Even though many may see this as just another community service place, I feel that I am doing more than just putting in hours to look good on my resume. This opportunity has helped me achieve so much towards my future career and grow as an individual. The hours I have invested are constantly teaching me…show more content…
Hopefully, within the next three years I will be getting ready to walk down the stage to receive a Bachelor Degree in Education at the age of twenty-one. This might not make sense for some people, but for me graduating at twenty-one with a Bachelor’s, is a goal and dream I hope to accomplish soon. As I look back and the days go by, I become more and more grateful because I have been granted with such opportunity. An opportunity that has been of great help, especially because coming from a family of five in which three kids are going to be sent to college, this has highly helped my parents since they don’t have enough finances to pay for all of our education. Receiving Financial Aid is a great assistance but it will not be enough to pay for the six years my education requires. This is why I have realized that anything that comes my way financially and education wise, is just a stepping stone to fully accomplish every dream I

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