Importance Of My College Education Experience

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My College Education Experience My transition to college was very rough, not only was I just, “going to college,” I felt as if I was picking up my life, and moving it to the city of Merced. Originally I was supposed to have first year student housing guarantee, but I missed the deadline, and I didn’t get a dorm, I rented my own place and lived by myself for an entire year. I also carried a very negative attitude and very bitter about attending UC Merced, because it was my last choice. I was too arrogant to see how blessed I was to have all of these opportunities, and affected my academic performance. However, at the end of my first year, I had not just improved my GPA, but I felt as if I have found another part of myself in Merced. During…show more content…
Towards the last month of the fall semester I found out that any GPA under a 1.5 was the consequence of dismissal, and I completely panicked. I started looking for shortcuts and easy way outs, looking for options if I were to be dismissed. I started looking into community colleges, and explanations to my parents, of why I was getting kicked out of college. I still had a very negative attitude and wasn’t taking responsibility for my actions. Then I turned to my family and my boyfriend. My family was actually very supportive and we had grown closer since I left for college. I felt relief as my mom told me that she would always love me, and there will always be other options back home, as they will support me in what I choose to do. My boyfriend was the one who gave me the ultimate pep talk I needed. He told me I needed to stop blaming my circumstances and that everyone has obstacles and I needed to make the best of what I had. He reminded me no matter how hard things get, things could always be worse and I needed to stop making excuses when things get hard. He was right, things could get worse, I could get dismissed from college if I didn’t hurry up and do something! The most important thing I learned from him was to give it my best effort, so no matter what the outcome is, I can walk away proud and honestly tell myself, “it’s okay you tried your best,” and not…show more content…
The second semester, I played the cards I was delt with differently. I gave myself a semester to choose classes I thought I would enjoy. It would be another semester of survival, but the worst was over. I started to change my attitude about Merced, and learned to see the bright side of everything. So what if I was a city girl? Now I have the best of both words. I get to get away from the busy city life and enjoy the humble town of Merced. I started going to more conseling sessions with my academic advisor to see if I was heading toward the right path, I started going to more office hours, and I even started going to tutoring frequently. I gave all my assignments my best effort, even though I didn’t like one or two of my professors. I started taking advantage of all the resources my school had to offer, and I made the most of it. In the beginning I was completely bummed that I would miss out on a real college experience since I was going to school in such a small town. Once I started giving myself a chance to enjoy UC Merced, I truly fell in love with it, I started learning more things about myself, and took better care of myself. I even allowed myself to open up to others and made new friends. At the end of the spring semester, I ended up with a 3.13 GPA, and my accumulative was a 2.43 and I can honestly say I am proud of myself. I tried my best and my hard work paid
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