Importance Of My Career In Nursing

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At the age of 6, I knew exactly what I wanted to do, and became interested in the nursing field. As a kid, I was always happy when my grandfather 's nurse would come over to care for his wounds, because I knew that her good spirits and good care always made him feel better. I believe this is the reason why I did not grow up fearing the doctor’s office, instead I grew up associating the doctor’s office as a place that made people feel better. As a certified medical assistant I’ve had an impact in patient’s care and as a future nurse I want to continue to provide the best patient care that my grandfather once received.

In addition to fulfilling my prerequisites for the nursing program I have been part of the healthcare field as a certified medical assistant for over four years in preparation for my career in nursing. More recently I have been given the opportunity to start working closely with the Clinical Director of Inflammatory Bowel Disease at Stanford. Working with these patients is a whole new and exciting world to me. I truly enjoy being part of their health care team because it allows me to be able to enhance the lives of many who are in great
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They are who know my work ethics best and observe my patient interaction daily. It means a lot to me when they tell me that I have demonstrated deep compassion, empathy, professionalism and critical thinking skills, all of which are "native and prerequisites for entry and success in the Nursing profession" as described by one of our advance practice nurses (APN) whom I highly look up to and respect. One other comment that deeply touched me was another APN telling me, "I can not wait for you to be a nurse because I want you to take care of me when I am sick because you have the compassion that others in the field lack and what you can offer is
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