Importance Of Multiculturalism In Today's World

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MULTICULTURALISM: STUDY OF MULTICULTURALISM, KEY ISSUES AND CHALLENGES IN TODAY’S WORLD. AUTHOR UNIVERSITY/ORGANISATION ABSTRACT The world is slowly turning into a global village, and the borders that stood between the cultures are slowly turning into bridges of organised communities in many countries. Still the issues and challenges faced by those who advocate a multicultural peaceful coexistence are many in today’s world, as political emphasis is on the local, and scepticism is expressed about collective identities, especially the national and Islamic, even though there is an openness to the cosmopolitan. Therefore it is imperative to delve deep into the topic of multiculturalism and studies based on how the different nations of the western world are tackling the issues of discrimination, marginalisation of various communities, and recognition of open, mixed and changing ethnicities/identities, how the state recognises multicultural experience and hybridity at the level of everyday reality. Here, the politics of identity becomes as much an important part of the research as multiculturalism. This modern renaissance of acceptance and human interaction may bring about pure…show more content…
Moreover contrary to the claims of the critics, and some of its own advocates, the key trends are broadly consistent with a moderate, pragmatic yet, inevitably uneven multiculturalism. Later multiculturalism generally came to mean the political accommodation of non-white, mainly post-immigration minorities, in ways which went beyond the analysis of colour-racism and socio-economic disadvantage, even though it varies between countries. Present day study of multiculturalism not only acts as an anti-racist critique but also has taken the Muslim challenge with new and deserved seriousness (Modood,

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