Importance Of Motivation In Software Engineering

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Motivation: AOSE: very promising and a flourishing research area. Although it has risen to answer the need of the industry to have models adapted to the new complex systems, it is facing a big resistance to be adopted in real industrial application. In the engineering education in general and especially in the software engineering education, we often hear that “someone who is interested in becoming a researcher should not be in a software engineering degree program; they should be in a computer science program”. However, we firmly believe that the research is an integral component of an engineer education and in the software engineering field there is a need for professional skills and talents in the emerging research fields specific and relevant to software engineering. The goal of this project is to plan and carry out a research project and submit a paper worthy of being published or presented at a conference. The objective is to give the students a hands-on research opportunity to expose them to the latest trends in software engineering to deal with a rapidly changing technic...

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