Importance Of Motivation And Literacy In Science

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Motivation and Literacy in Science Trying to get students to be motivated is so difficult sometimes. Especially if the students have a negative mindset towards the content. This is actually a pretty big issue with science. The nature of science lends itself towards some students loving it and others want to do nothing with it. So a big question is how we can get students motivated to learn the information in science. Self –efficacy, mastery task orientation, and flow all have an effect on motivation. So when there are things being done to increase these areas, there will be a positive influence in regards to motivation. There are many different practices the students can do, but more importantly ones the teacher can do in order to increase…show more content…
A big influence on self-efficacy of students is the teacher’s encouragement. As a science teacher I can provide positive comments on the effort and hard work of the students. By giving students direct encouragement, it increases their confidence and helps them believe they are able to do a task. Also as a teacher I can listen to the questions of the students. Attentively listening, trying to answer their questions, believing their questions are of worth will allow the student to have a better view of themselves as well and increase their self-efficacy. I can also have the students set goals in the science subject for themselves. Not only setting the goals but look into how they can achieve them. By doing this, when students are able to see they can achieve those goals it will increase their confidence and allow them to believe in…show more content…
First, I can help the students think that in science class it is not just about getting the grade, but it is about learning. This will allow them to not as quick just do assignments to get an “A” or whatever their chosen grade is, but to allow them to do an assignment to learn and get the most they can out of the task by being involved. Another aspect that will increase mastery is showing the students why it is important to know what they are learning. I can show the students how the science content relates to them and can apply it to their own life. For example it is important to learn about the different states of matter (solid, liquid, and gas) as we experience everyday with ice cubes, drinking water, and water evaporating when it boils. Therefore, when the students sees how it can be useful to them, their interest level increases. This creates an interest to keep learning more as they find it fascinating and what to know more about how things connect and work in “real” life this also allows them to be more fully engaged. As a teacher I can also provide them positive feedback, feedback that encourages continual growth in what they are doing well and what areas they can learn even more in. This will then create students with the mindset they are able to learn more and strive for that mastery. I can also encourage students that it does not matter as
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