Importance Of Morality In One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

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In the novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kesey the narrator, Bromden, educates readers on the suspicious activity that takes place in the mental ward. Bromden puts up the act of a “deaf and dumb” patient to stay under the radars of the staff. While going unnoticed, Bromden witnesses the patient cruelty and the forced conformity in the ward. Later McMurphy, a schizophrenic gabeler, arrives at the ward and challenges the harsh strategies of the staff. Although the novel contains a great moral and original literary values, it has been challenged for sexual references and vulgarity. The novel should be studied in schools for students to study a literary work with an original point of view and an influential moral although it contains…show more content…
“McMurphy arrives on a static ward where members have been cowed into conformity. He immediately wants to challenge the power of Big Nurse” (Madden) When McMurphy discovers all the forced conformity on the ward, he decides to go against “the conformer”, so everyone can think for themselves without fearing the repercussions. McMurphy’s actions throughout the text, although controversial, help to build an important message “By the end of the novel all the characters, except Big Chief, either conform to society or become ‘mule stubborn’ and rebel against it”(Madden) Characters in the novel deiced whether to conform to the embodiment of the ward, or to rebel against it. This introduces readers to a conflict of characters needing to make a decision, McMurphy conveys to teen readers through comedy that conformity is an inadequate solution. “Big Chief’s ‘humanizing’ ability to make his own choices by the end of the novel. These choices reflect a growing self-reliance that comes out of a matrix of attitudes in oppositions to those producing conformity” (Madden) Big Chief's actions in the novel lead readers to learn that they should make their own choices and think for themselves, students should study to read the good moral lesson of the…show more content…
The novel may touch upon taboo topics such as, rape, suicide, sexsism, and rasicm, but it also contains strong literary values. The novel allows students to study the routine of the medical ward through an on site narrator, and learn the positive moral of the story, all while remaining interested by the comedic characters and engaging plot. Allowing teen readers the leeway to read what they please, rather than restraining their literary interests could help teens become captivated in reading and allow them to learn from novels. The book One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest should be studied in
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