Importance Of Mobile Computing In Business

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Explain the concept of mobile computing and why it is very important these days in businesses? Ans:- Concept Of Mobile Computing Mobile computing is human–computer communication by which a computer is presumed to be transported during normal usage. Mobile computing contain of mobile communication, mobile hardware, and mobile software. Mobile computing has the capacity to use computing capability without a pre-defined location and connection to a network to publish and subscribe to information. Mobile computing as a common term relating aptitude to use the technology to wirelessly connect to and use centrally located information and application software through the application of small, portable, and wireless computing and communication devices.…show more content…
These devices are designed to operate in full- duplex, whereby they are capable of sending and receiving signals at the same time. They don't have to wait until one device has finished communicating for the other device to begin communications. Mobile computers make use of a extensive change of system and application software. These operating environments range in capabilities from a essential graphically- enhanced- pen enabled DOS environment to the powerful aptitudes of Windows NT. Importance of Mobile Computing in Business 1. In companies: Managers can use mobile computers in, say, and tough presentations to main customers. They can approach the latest market share information. At a small depth , they can revise the presentation to take advantage of this information. They can communicate with the office about possible new offers and call conferences for debating responds to the new idea. Therefore, mobile computers can leverage competitive advantages. 2. Cloud Computing:- This service is offered for saving documents on a online server and being able to contact them anytime and anywhere when you have a connection to the internet and can access these files on several mobile devices or even PCs at home. Most of these SaaS applications have web services APIs and most of the data on the cloud is consumed using web
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