Importance Of Mindfulness In Management

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Mindfulness is defined as “a state of psychological freedom that occurs when attention remains quiet and limber, without attachment to any particular point of view” (Martin 1997, p. 291). A mindful approach can be used to resolve conflict and also can provide a better solution to this conflict situation. Mindfulness of the manager has a direct impact on his employees. It will improve the social relationships, communication, and empathy toward the co-workers. However, the absence of mindfulness will affect the effectiveness of the organization and its goals. High standard of customer service, reduced workplace tensions, improved effort for targets achievement, better communication and team relations are the…show more content…
It will enable their professional practice to reliably yield the desired result. Information based on the evidence based teaching can be utilized in the decision making process. Therefore, decision awareness can be employed in action while making a decision. On the other hand the evidence based management is not a prevailing mode in management education. Authority and politics in an organization can limit the managerial decisions. Moreover, it’s very difficult obtain updated research based evidence and will have always limited application in the present situation. Langer and Moldoveanu (2000) stated that mindfulness is not a product, but a process, that stresses the difference between understanding and explanation and ultimately frees understanding from explanation. Therefore, in my point of view, mindfulness training depends on the situation we are dealing with it. But according to (Good et al. 2015), multi-national companies like Google, Aetna, Mayo Clinic and the U.S. Army use mindfulness training to improve workplace functioning. In this 21st century, mindfulness training plays a vital role especially in this tech world, in motivating and also developing new innovative ideas and concepts for the wellbeing of society. Evidences provide by the Tech giant Google and the world’s most powerful defence, the U.S army, substantiate importance of mindfulness training in this changing

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