Importance Of Millennials

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Why millennials are not great as they think they are Entitled, rude, arrogant, lazy and self centred these are just some of the labels Millennials have been given. And it's for good reason as our generation is. We are considered to be lacking in work ethic, undisciplined and entitled than older generations. This is due to many reasons with the main ones being social media, lack of discipline, more educated and being out of touch of the real world. Depending on who you ask millennials are generally those born between the 1980s to 2000 however some researchers and universities say the generation is from 1985 to 2004 or 1995 however we still have a window of whom are included in the millennial generation. The millennial generation comes after…show more content…
If a millennial doesn't like the outcome of something or something doesn't agree with them they protest and cause massive drama until they get what they wan. However if someone doesn't accept them or agree with them the millennial becomes highly offended and the person who doesn't agree with them instantly becomes the enemy. Classic example is within schools when something is posted on social media that person who got offended by it goes to a teacher and the teacher has to take care of it which is a massive time waster for the teacher and is not part of their job, what the millennial is forgetting is that after they leave school there isn't a person who they can tell if they get offended and it’s going to be a sharp wake up call for them when they realise that sometimes you have to put your feelings aside and carry on and that no one cares if you're offended. Another example is in America where students and young adults need “safe spaces” which is a area where people can go if they feel offended and feel safe from any disagreement or challenge. There were even reports of some students needing a safe space after seeing a trump campaign sign this shows us that millennials are weak if you look back 100 years ago millennials back then were involved in one of the biggest wars ever in history, there were no safe spaces back then as people didn't stand for something they didn't like they went out there and fixed it rather than to hide and be told it's

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