Importance Of Microscopes, Synthesis And Invertebrates

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This quarter we covered many things, including microscopes, photosynthesis, and invertebrates. When we first started microscopes, I did not know much about them. I knew that microscopes were used by Scientists for looking at microscopic organisms. When we started photosynthesis, I was more comfortable with it because, we learned about it in fourth grade. I knew that photosynthesis was a plant’s way of obtaining food and energy. I knew that photosynthesis only occurs in plants and that it uses the sun, water, oxygen, and chlorophyll. When we started invertebrates, I knew more about the animals and, less about their phylums and different species classifications. Since microscope lab number one, I have improved at adding more detailed explanations in my labs. I…show more content…
While we were at first unsure of how to represent chlorophyll but, we brainstormed ideas and then, we finally agreed on one. Finally, since the 11.1 quiz, I’ve improved on my explanations and, added more details to them. This is some information looking back on this quarter. This quarter I completed many assignments. One of the assignments I did was the Cnidarian fact page. I was fairly pleased with this piece of work. I particularly like the way I drew my jellyfish and my sea anemone. I enjoyed drawing them. I found it frustrating to find how cnidarians obtain oxygen. Yes, I met my standards. This reveals that I am more efficient at finding facts than copying information from a textbook. I learned that I enjoy learning about sea animals. When I compare this assignment to the PB and J Procedure, I found that I was happier with my grade on this assignment. I can see changes in my ability to explain in detail. This tells me that it is easier for me to learn with pictures. Another assignment that I did was the organelle chart. I was satisfied with this assignment. I particularly like the way I drew the DNA. I found it hard to come up with

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