Importance Of Mathematics And Numbers Essay

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Richie Burner MATH-106 Term Paper Razavi 30 April, 1014 Math and numbers are every where in our world. Literaly everything that has to do with anything can relate to numbers. Even the most basic things in life are based of numbers, like nature. How leaves are on that tree? How tall in centimeters is the grass? Also, mathematics helps us with the most complex things in our society. Like probability and statistics, finance, business, and even labor work has math deep in its core. With out mathimatics and numbers there wouldn’t even be sports. Sports are solely based off numbers, it shows how much time is left, the score, statistics and the list can go on forever. Athletes even wear numbers for the purpose of identification. With out numbers and mathematics there would be so no sport because numbers and mathematics are the reason why we are able to have these hobbys as a society. First, the rolls of numbers and mathematics in sports are highly underestimated. Numbers are everywhere, from the number on the back of the jersey to the clock counting down till the final buzzer sounds. Numbers are how we decided who wins the game, who has the higher number on the score board wins and the loser has the lower score. Numbers are on the field as well, to help mark the spot of the football after the player is tackled to the ground. Also on the outfield walls of you favorite teams stadium to let you know how far the fence is. People just see them as a number on the scoreboard but it is much more then that. It is the inner core of why all sports are able to be played with a winner and a loser. There is one sport that stands out in front of all the rest when it comes to numbers, Baseball. This sport is possibly the most mathematically compl... ... middle of paper ... ... parts of land when it moves up the coast. The trajectory of hurricane can be explained through this complex formula, dθ/dφ = [(Λ/r²)sec²(φ) - Ω]/[2C + 2(qaΛ/r4)[ln|sec(φ) + tan(φ)|]]1/2. This formula can let forecasters know where the hurricane will be heading, this is important so they can alert cities in the way of the hurricane. In conclusion, with out a doubt math and numbers are everywhere and play a role within everything we do. With out numbers there would be no explanation in our world because numbers are used in everything we no matter how we think about it. Mathplays a huge role in sports by us using it to keep statistics, keep score and time. Numbers are everywhere in our world, even if a person hates math and numbers they are doing it with out even realizing it. Without numbers there wouldn’t be society, currency, architecture… there wouldn’t be us.
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