Importance Of Mathematics

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Stan Gudder, an American mathematician once wrote, "The essence of Mathematics is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple," A few year ago I would have strongly disagreed with Gudder’s statement. “Trigonometry, Geometry and Algebra. Oh No”. These Mathematics topics were my most feared enemies. They were not partial when punishing me. I knew within myself that if I wanted to conquer the IB math exam then I had to understand the esoteric, yet required content, of each class.
At that time, passing the IB math exam was my main goal. I knew that this would not be an easy challenge, yet I was willing to do whatever it took.
In my preparation for the IB, I was going to excel in math class and achieve an average
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I realized that I had to change my negative attitude towards Mathematics. Since the beginning of this year, I have opted to participate in class and ask various questions. I became an inquisitively garrulous individual, speaking more than I ever did in any of my other classes to grasp every Mathematical concept. I was on a mission to be successful. I started going to office hours. Office hours helped me a great deal in accomplishing my goals because I was able to receive one on one tutor from my Math teacher, Ms. Leno. "Ding Ding", fourth period was finally over and it was time for lunch. Walking into Ms. Leno 's room, I could hear her at her desk saying, “Give me a minute Abigail, I’m going to warm up my lunch!” Walking back from the the teacher’s lounge, I could smell Ms. Leno’s beans and veggies. It smelled so delicious, that sometimes my stomach would…show more content…
Reaching home at 7 p.m, I immediately sat down at my desk and dived into my homework. Two hours passed. "Math? Done, English? Done, History? Done, Spanish? None, Research? Done!" Finally, I finished my homework and was ready to take a shower. I put my books and folders away in my bag and walked into my room. As always, I got distracted and decided to check my email. "Click Click" Scrolling through my email, I deleted emails that were not important. Remembering that I was going to take a shower, I grabbed my clothes from off my bed and headed for the bathroom when I heard my G-chat notification go off. I turned back and walked towards my computer, it was Brian Lee. "Abigail, can you please help me with the Math homework?" My shower was now delayed. Eager to help my classmate, I went back into my bag, pulled out my folder and took out my math homework. Being able to go through each question while explaining it to Brian really showed how much I, as an individual improved tremendously in
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