Importance Of MICE

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MICE is a part of tourism industry which caters to the corporate tourist (large group) come together in a particular venue for a particular purpose.

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One could mark the advent of MICE back to 19th century Europe and North America where increasing need of exchanging ideas and strong sense of change had contributed to increase in demand for large public

space . As towns realized the importance of such events , group of business in Detroit , Michigan decided to employ salesmen (convention centre ) to attract meeting in the town . This led to the first convention bureau in 1896 . MICE could be seggregated into two segments : Outbound and Inbound . Outbound
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Being born and brought up in India has always been a matter of national pride as I could see unity in diversity everywhere where every religion is given equal opportunity to celebrate their festivals with fervour , different states with different cultural identity , different cuisines that appeal to different taste buds, warm hospitality that makes tourist feel like home , distinct flora and fauna and spiritual enlightenments when they travel length and breadth of India . It is sad that India having such unique selling proposition is unable to attract the attention of corporates tourist who is seeking places where they could simultaneously do business and enjoy .
After searching which are the top MICE destinations in Asia , Singapore was in the first rank so I decided to do the comparitive analysis to find out the stubborn barriers to growth and solutions to overcome it to outrival Singapore . Thus ,this leads to my research question , “To what extent, enhancing the revenue in MICE industry can bring extra revenue to Indian tourism
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Through collating information from various esteem sources like UNWTO, The factors that a Business look for a desirable MICE destination are : Safety and security , Behaviour , Hygenie , Geographical location , Information and communications ,prices , Infrastructure and tourist attraction that will be useful in analyzing how it could help in overcoming its barriers to be at competitive space with Singapore . The tools which has been used for aiding the analysis are : Ansoff matrix and SWOT analysis
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