Importance Of Location, Location And Location

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Location, location, location. Location is a very important factor in the success of someone’s life. Whether someone lives in the United States, or a small town in Thailand, every location has effects on its residents. Some effects are better and some are far worse. Fortunately I am lucky to be living where I am. There are many benefits for me to reap from living in the United States, California, the Bay Area and Castro Valley. Being able to grow up in my location has bestowed many advantages which include access to higher paying jobs, local opportunities, diversity, and a well rounded education. Living in the United States of America has benefited me tremendously, because I have access to many well paying jobs that other people living in…show more content…
In Castro Valley the biggest majority are white people, which is 58%. ( At a first glance that may not seem very diverse, nevertheless, when compared to the state average which is 72.2%, Castro Valley is considerably more diverse. Being born in a diverse place such as Castro Valley is advantageous, because there is less racism. People at a young age are able to experience other cultures in society that are often stereotyped by others. Children get to experience this first hand. According to Holtzman and Sharpe, in their essay Theories and Construct of Race, “There is evidence that implicit racial bias exists in children as young as six years old and endures through adulthood”. (page) This means that racism is learned at a very young age, and can last a very long time. But, when kids are able to grow up in a diverse location such as Castro Valley they are able to experience other children from different backgrounds and realize those stereotypes aren’t real. Another advantage of living in a diverse place such as castro valley is it is more equal. Often Racial minorities in many parts of the country aren’t hired due to racial stereotypes. However, in Castro Valley those racial stereotypes are strong and that benefits me, because I am a minority. Lastly, because of the diversity in Castro Valley, I experience the best part of culture, the cuisine. In Castro Valley I am able to go get Thai food, walk 5 minutes across the street and find a taqueria. Five more minutes and I am able to eat Italian food at Rigatoni’s. This is one of the best advantages in my opinion, because being able to walk such a short time and have an enormous array of restaurants to experience is fun and exciting. This is why living in Castro Valley has benefited me tremendously. Not only is it less racist in Castro Valley, but it has many things to
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