Importance Of Life Matters To Me Essay

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What matters to me, and why?

When I was seventeen, I stood back and watched most of my friends getting ready to graduate the following year, some of them had planned on continuing their education after graduation, some were getting married, and a few decided that living with their parents for as long as they could before getting kicked out of the basement by mom and dad was going to be the best idea than anything else.

The few who were going off to school made me jealous, but happy for them as well. They were following their dream, and higher education was the key. I would have been in that group of friends too if I hadn 't become a parent at seventeen with my first child, which forced me to drop out of school and start raising a family as a single parent. It would have been impossible to work, maintain my education, and raise a small child all at the same time back
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I would often think about how life would of been different if I would have gone on to graduate with my class and then gone off to college. I would think about those friends from school who were able to do just that, and how I missed them. Most of those friends I never saw again once I became a parent. When I became nineteen I had my third child and was married, I took a two year break and had my fourth child at the age of twenty two, and was on a second marriage.

By that time I realized that raising four small children was quite the work, and I also realized that without a degree under my belt, finding a career was a even bigger challenge. So, I chalked it up as a life learning experience, and assumed that my chances of ever being able to pursue my dream of a degree was never going to happen. That 's when I turned my focus on my children 's education, I was not going to let them miss out on that opportunity for
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