Importance Of Life In A Doll's House

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A Doll’s House: Life as a Doll
Imagine having every part of your life controlled by another person. You do everything they say, follow all their rules, and have little to no say in what you do in your life. Nora Helmer from A Doll’s House lived this lifestyle for many years until she left her husband. A Doll’s House is a play written by Henrik Ibsen that describes the life of Nora and her husband Torvald Helmer. The two live what it appears happily together until it is revealed that Nora has falsified documents to take out a loan to save her husband’s life and it may cost Torvald his reputation. When Torvald learns of her error he lashes out at her, accusing her of being an unfit mother resulting in Nora realizing she never loved Torvald or the life she lived. The play concludes with her stating she’s lived in a doll’s house her whole life and is tired of it. The significance of the title of A Doll’s House is the comparison of Nora and her life to a doll’s because of how she is controlled by the men in her life.
Nora states that not only her father but also her husband have controlled every aspect of her life. She no longer feels human because she never received the opportunity to think and act for herself without being reprimanded. Her whole life she
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You want to know people care about what you went through however that doesn’t always happen. Harold Krebs is a World War One veteran who returned home from the war a while after his comrades. His timing of his return is long after the post war excitement and nobody cares or wants to know about his time overseas. Krebs suffers from PTSD and depression and although they aren’t directly mentioned in the story, one can pick up his subtle hints at his war time experiences. A Soldiers Home describes Krebs’s wartime experience when describing the women he sees on the street showing how he feels he can no longer love and has been taught to dehumanize
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