Importance Of Learning English As A Second Language

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Learning is a life time process. Meaningful learning is a complete phenomenon. With the advancement is science and technology and the phenomenon of globalization, the craze for English has swept in India and the English language sweeps away even into the rural lands. Irrespective of religion, color, caste, creed, etc. there is great expectation by the people from their children to speak good English at the primary level there is a need and pressure in the present scenario to make the best out of the lot in the competing environment to learn English both as a second language and a foreign language. Whatever the age, or level, learning English has become a necessity due to the competition in the society. Has learning English as second language become a methodology or a technological sophistication? Whatever it is there is a great significant difference in learning English both as a first language and second language. The present paper emphasizes the attitudinal challenge and the need for learning English as a second language in the changing scenario.


Language is a greater medium of communication. Learning a language cannot be imposed on the learners who have inhibitions and no experience. This seems to be an instruction in the second language teaching and not a way in imparting education and a method in teaching a communicative language. It is understood that language cannot be instructed in the Second Language classroom. It has to be reviewed to make them effective and learner friendly.

In an environment where Second Language learning scenario has undergone a paradigm shift, the learner’s idea is to be changed and greater attention is to be given to the learning process. For this, the cultural domain of the l...

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...Yet exploratory research on learner’s strategy use needs to apply more carefully defined, reliable categories before it can point to targets for more controlled based classroom research in teaching English as a SL. It will review the complexity of teacher – student interaction and its likely to influence on language learning outcomes.

The results of these studies of interaction between the learners reveal no clear trends in differences among different classroom organizational structures. The important factor is that the language task is a critical factor. The students are classified by language dominance. There is a need for more controlled research on classroom learning strategies, but the target must be on language proficiency. It will review the complexity of the teacher – student interaction and its likely influence on language learning outcomes.