Importance Of Leadership Essay

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Leadership is a word that inspires us in many ways. To lead is to manage, to create and to guide. It has positive meanings for many people who follows. Leadership is an influential word. It is associated with an individual who has earned the respect of others and who leads them effectively and show them the right direction. It should conjure positive feelings in people. Leadership should not produce negative feelings among others. It needs to be able to inspire at all times, and the key to this is, attitude. To make leadership effective it is very much important in part of a leader to have positive attitude. Attitude is everything. Having the right attitude towards life is vital, if we want to see leadership success. The attitude of a leader…show more content…
The weakness of leaders, when they don‟t have all the answers, makes them actually more attractive in the eyes of others because they show their human unreliability. Being a good leader is less about being the smartest and more about understanding others and what makes a team work together to reach solutions. So we can say that positive attitude is a key to effective leadership. Leadership and Positive thinking: Positive thinking can help cut out negative thoughts which can help you feel better and confident about yourself and your ability. With positive mind you become a lovely person for everyone and people want to see you beside them. If you have positive thinking, you can get joy, success, happiness in every step of life. Positive thinkers have an easier time getting over their fears of failure and deciding to take new challenges. A positive thinker becomes more attractive for others. Positive thinking is a power towards the success that one can use to achieve ones goals and it is the only way to shape your life in the best angle. If you approach everything in life with an attitude of positive thinking it will have a positive impact on you and less negative thoughts of others will affect…show more content…
Many people place a great deal of faith in leaders, whether it 's business leaders, political leaders, or leaders of religious or social groups. Leaders are important representatives of their organizations, and people by nature, look to those in leadership positions for direction, for inspiration, motivation, and for comfort. Leaders give us clues about how to behave, about what is right, and about what is important. Sometimes, we expect our leaders to be almost superhuman in their ability to solve problems and create positive outcomes. While leaders are always important to the success of organizations, during crisis, they take on particularly critical roles. They help reduce the turmoil of a crisis and reassert order and control. They oversee the response and help others understand and cope with what is happening. Good leaders use influence to steer others towards their goals, rather than power and this is an important point to remember. Power is a negative aspect of leadership, but influence depends on your attitude and ability to rally the
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