Importance Of Language Teaching

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Language is not only at the centre of the intellectual universe but also human life. It is one of the most important ways of expressing our negative or positive feelings for people, it is vital to achieving many of our goals and our careers, it is a source of artistic satisfaction of simple pleasure. People use language for many various purposes like planning our lives and remembering our past, exchange experiences thoughts, ideas, and emotions, and we identify ourselves with people who speak the same language. Some people in the community are able to do this in more than one language. Knowing another language can often boost your career, getting better job, a chance of getting education, the ability to take a fuller part in the life of one’s own country or the opportunity to emigrate to another, the best way to broaden one’s literary and cultural horizons ,the expression of one’s political rights or religious views. It affects people’s careers and possible futures, their lives and every identities. In a world where probably more people speak two languages than speak one, language learning and language teaching are vital to the everyday lives of millions.
The reasons why the second language is being thought depend on the reasons for the educational purposes, which vary from one country to another and from one period to another. One main purpose of language teaching is to help people to think better---brain-training and logical thinking. On the other hand boost the student’s increased self-awareness and maturity and so on. There is a variety of evidence that supports the goal of brain-training for example, the people who speaks several languages usually think more relevant than monolinguals. It is not for the teacher, the me...

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...problem solving ,and are better able to distinguish form meaning.

4)General educational values
Just as sport held to train children how to work in a team and to promote leadership qualities, so L2 teaching can inculcate moral values.L2 learning provides pupils understanding of themselves and their own culture…….

In brief there are various languages in the world that we talk, listen, and think which are shaped by our culture, experiences, professions, personality, mores and attitudes. The chances of us meeting someone else who talks the exact same language gives us opportunity to understand and be understood. Hundreds years ago The Prophet Muhammad mentioned ”A man who speaks a language is a man, a man who speaks two languages is worth two men, a man who speaks three is worth all mankind” shows unchanging importance of teaching and learning foreign language.