Importance Of Language Reflection And Differences And Correction In The Classroom

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Giving the students activities and exercises either inside the classroom as a practice or outside the classroom as an assignment is a very important part of the learning process but the more important is correcting the students’ work. It’s very useful for both the teacher and the learners to know their mistake and its correction too.
To know more about the mistakes and the corrections and how it works we need first to differentiate between the errors and the mistakes. Errors are those the student makes because of the lack of knowledge while mistakes are those done because of other circumstances (tiredness, stress, tenseness, etc.) despite of knowing the rule or the write answer because the student then still in the developing and updating his knowledge. Students who are not English native speakers make mistakes and errors because of the 1st language
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Speaking about errors and mistakes leads us to the phase that comes after making the mistake or the error: the feedback and correction. The teacher gives the student his opinion, comeback about his/her work and evaluate his level regarding their language implementation. Students receive feedback from their teacher in order to improve their performance. The teacher uses different techniques of correction and feedback to assess his students’ level. The teacher every now and then gives the students feedback to give them the chance to improve their performance. The feedback is considered as a guide to the students to make their production in the language more effective. There are two different types of feedback: the 1st one is the content feedback which assesses the whole work and production of the student and how they are performing using the language. The other type is the form feedback; it is the type that cares about the accuracy and the linguistic part of the language that the student
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