Importance Of Language In English Language

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Language is the source of communication and communication is the tool for interacting with people in everyday life. English is an international language because of its significance. This is used in most parts of the world which helps us stay connected with them. The importance cannot be ignored of English language nowadays. It has a large scope and almost every field demand English speaker. In Pakistan English is the second mandatory language. It is taught to students from primary level as a compulsory subject. Still a large population in rural areas is facing problems in acquiring English as their second language. They make errors in the four basic language learning skills: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking the language.
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All four language learning skills; Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing are affected due to the overuse of mother tongue in rural areas of Punjab.
Literature Review:
Still being in the developing process, Pakistan is the country where the majority of the population has a rural background. The fundamental reasons of low proficiency levels are lack of awareness in parents for understanding the role of English in present era. They face financial issues due to which parents do not bother much for the educational needs of their children. The flaws in our educational system make acquiring the second language a difficult task. As there is no appropriate curriculum, administrators and teachers do not pay much attention to students in learning the second language either.
People learning second or foreign language follow the same route as they acquire their mother tongue, hence the use of the mother tongue in the language process should be minimized. (Krashen:
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Quantitative and qualitative, both the methods are used in this research. The sample for the research would constitute male and female teachers and students of primary and secondary level from different rural areas of Punjab. 200 students of mixed ability will be chosen for the study 100 students from primary level; 50 male and 50 female, similarly 100 from secondary level; 50 male and 50 female. Around 30 teachers male and female from primary and secondary level will also be part of the observation.
Tools of research:
• Structured and unstructured questions.
• Questionnaire survey
• Interview survey

Expected Results:
It is not possible to eliminate all the errors encountered, but this study will help deducing the most common of them. It will help the curriculum designers and teachers to create the books and to make efforts for a better understanding of the language. The research conducted can additionally help the instructors and administrators to guide the students to set reasonable objectives and will help them learn language
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