Importance Of Kindness

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Kindness holds a special power. It is something that is understood through actions, not just words. So, in order to be kind, it is not necessary to know the same language. Kindness is universal. It can be exhibited anywhere around the world. This very simple concept has the capacity to make this world a better place to live. Showing kindness not only benefits others, but it also benefits the ones who enact it. You know you have been kind when both you and the one receiving your actions feel a certain warmth inside. Some people think that kindness is simply being nice. But now what does it mean to be nice? It isn’t clear. Kindness encompasses many things, it’s not just complementing someone on their nice shirt or their long, blonde hair. It…show more content…
We should learn to love everyone, regardless of their skin color, culture, or sex. It needs to be understood that we are all human. There is no hierarchy within us. We are all equal. Love makes the world go round. If we are empathetic, that shows kindness. For example, when someone hurts our feelings we shouldn’t respond with anger. Instead, we could ask ourselves why this person is feeling that way and what we can do to help them. Many times, it is common to respond with anger and resentment, but a little bit of understanding goes a long way and helps end the cycle of revenge. Kindness is not just an action that is shown by humans. Many other living things understand it as well. A dog senses the tone in your voice when you call him “Sweetie” and responds with a wagging tail. A cat grazes its body against your leg after you feed him, to show gratitude towards your actions. A plant grows and a flower blossoms because one was kind enough to water it and care for…show more content…
It could decrease suicide, violence, and improve mental health. It would help children feel more loved when teachers show it. Kindness has the power to transform any place into a safe haven. It is a universal language understood by everyone; dogs, cats, humans and even plants. Love, patience, empathy, and, politeness all contribute to the concept of kindness. Love gives others a warm feeling. Patience contributes to the self-worth of others. Empathy shows understanding. Politeness can brighten other people’s days. All of these characteristics are intertwined. One results in the other and keeps the cycle going.. Showing kindness has no negative effects on anyone! So why wouldn’t one try to show it? Some people have not yet figured out how to be kind because they need someone to show them what it is. Lead by example. Starting an act of kindness will begin an endless cycle of it. It is like a domino effect and helps to prevent evil and dislike. Finding a way to incorporate it in every action that we take could help make the world a better place. It is in fact, a very easy thing to incorporate into everyday life. You could start off by handing a homeless person a bottle of water and an apple. They will thank you, and if they don’t then be proud that you are trying to make a change in the world. In the end, it’s the little things that

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