Importance Of Key Service

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I am incredibly grateful that, through Key Service, I have introduced to such a variety of different service opportunities. From volunteering at the Sustainability Fair during the fall to spending a few hours almost every week this spring at the Fort Collins Cat Rescue Spay and Neuter Clinic, the experiences I’ve had and the people I’ve met have really impacted me. There are so many caring, selfless people in the world; every interaction with someone like this has only inspired me to do more service in my future. A person as shy as I am may have not even gone to a service event alone, and I would have never had the chance to experience these things that encourage me to be more brave, kind, and selfless during my time at CSU. Additionally, being…show more content…
I have always been a very good student, and feel proud that -- through the support system Key has provided me -- I am able to start off my college career strong. Before graduating, I was skeptical about whether or not college would be for me; the success I’ve had proves to me that it is. I think everyone who chooses to be part of Key is a leader. In Key Service, we learn about issues we’re interested in and how we can work towards change. None of us would do so if we didn’t believe that the world could change. Being part of Key really showed me how to use the leadership skills I developed in high school in a more serious, real-life setting. I am so fortunate that the Key program works so hard to develop these skills within us and that I have been able to use these alongside my fellow students. I went to school in a town that was nicknamed “Vanilla Valley”, so (obviously) it wasn’t the most diverse place. As a bisexual, half-Mexican student, I always felt pretty alone and expected that that was how things would always be. Being at CSU and being with Key, I have met people of a variety of ethnicities, sexualities, and socioeconomic backgrounds. For the first time, I knew that I could find a place with people like me, or at least, those who can understand. Key provided this realization. I look forward to a future where I know that I will fit in because the world is more like CSU than Windsor High School. As I’ve mentioned before, I know that my future in service may not have happened without the exposure that I have had through Key Service. I have always been someone interested in service, but never spent a lot of time volunteering due to a variety of reasons. Being a part of Key showed me how incredible it is. I attended nearly every service opportunity that came my way this year and had a blast doing it. I know that, without the experience I’ve had this year, I may not have decided that service will always be an