Importance Of Judges

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The judiciary accommodates a paramount function within a democratic society—preserving the rule of law. Federal judges are appointed by the president and corroborated by the Senate. This denotes that federal judges, subject to good demeanor in office, are liberating from the recede and flow of democratic politics. They are empowered to interpret the law as they optically discern fit, without trepidation of retaliation at the polls. Judges are appointed for life, therefore, because of the extreme importance of being able to do something very good and fair and unprejudiced judges, the process for selecting judges is critically important. Judicial verdicts at all levels, affects each and every citizen every day; may it be traffic court or the United States Supreme Court related.
In Texas, however, judges are elected to office. Texas has an enormous and difficult court structure consisting of a medley of courts with overlapping jurisdiction. Culling judges through direct partisan elections betokens that candidate for the seat must establish democratic campaigns and run for office just l...
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