Importance Of Job Analysis

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Preparing an accurate job analysis is very important for the company. It critiques the recruitment needs of the organization. Many times within a corporation a manager, supervisor or team leader is pressed for time and they reluctantly pull out an old job description that they have used for many years. Because of technology and the constant change of our countries economy and needs the responsibilities or tasks of jobs may have changed. “ Organizations are involved in an ongoing process of updating existing selection tools and searching for better techniques”. (Kiman, Farley & Geisinger, 1989) Job analysis can save the employer from making mistakes that can cost the company money and hiring the wrong person for the open position and it will help the employer to know and improve the skill set for the potential candidate or the person in the current position. “Companies that regularly conduct job analysis possess a much better knowledge of their employees’ strengths and limitations, and can take timely corrective action to improve any deficiencies in their skills and job behavior”. (Siddique, 2004) This essay will tell you what steps were taken to do a job analysis for the administrative position at my company. When preparing my job analysis for the Administrative Assistant position the first thing I would do is to review the previous job description, other job websites and evaluation forms which will help to start forming a new job description. You could do research and this will help you to determine what are the standard responsibilities for an administrative assistant at other companies. This can help with different ideas on how to create a job description and know what to put as the qualifications. Next you can ... ... middle of paper ... ...mployee performance strategy. You will need to make sure that the candidate has the knowledge and experience (what type of work have they done and what other qualifications do they have), motivation (why do they want the job), personality (do a personality check) and how results oriented they are for the position. “There's a twist to the concept of temporary employees. It's called an "evaluation hiring" and works like this: A job seeker is hired by a staffing firm to try out for a permanent position with a company. After 90 days, the company hires the candidate or sends him back. The benefit to the company? It saves time and money in finding employees”. (Matthews, 2005) When hiring the right administrative assistant I believe that the potential candidates record of performance is the most important. Below is a chart for administrative assistant job analysis:
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