Importance Of Internship With The Milan Police Department

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This 2015 spring semester I was interning with the Milan Police Department in Milan, Michigan. Milan is a very small and safe community. Before staring my internship I asked my friends, police officers and former coach what kind of place Milan as well as noticing myself the great first impression of the City of Milan. The whole outlook of this city made it my first choice to do my internship. Many of my college friends are from Milan, as well as my former coach and they all recommended Milan and all had good things to say. For those who reside in Milan, most often say that it is the people here that make the environment so special. Everyone is your neighbor, and each person is so welcoming, according to police officers I interned with as well…show more content…
We are constantly sending and receiving text messages, phone calls, and internet posts, every second of the day. We can get an insight of the good, bad, and the ugly ways a police officer may behave in the public eye because it can instantly be recorded, sent out to anyone around the world and in seconds it can be posted to the internet. Since we live in this day and age, officers have to be careful how they present themselves, therefore communication skills and character is crucial. Being with the Milan police officers, I was able to improve my professional communication skills. Not only do officers have huge responsibilities they also have to be aware of how they carry themselves. As a police officer you want people to be able to talk to you, and you should be able to understand the emotion behind what they are saying, which is when character comes into play. When dealing with the people of the community, you really have to know how to talk to people, no matter what the situation. Communication is used on a regular basis, therefore it is a skill that is a must have no matter what line of work you are in. Communication helps family life, work life, and builds relationships and connections with many people. It can improving teamwork, decision-making, and problem solving in all aspects of life, making life a little bit easier. It allows us to communicate even in a negative or difficult situation without creating conflict. For a police officer, or anyone really, knowing how to communicate with others makes the job a little more manageable. As a police officer, you have to be able to decode and understand the speaker, effectively listen and pay attention to body language. Police officers have to have the ability to manage stress, especially in tough and emergency-like situations. If an officer is unable to do that, their communication would be a disaster. Not only do they

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