Importance Of Interest In Public Health

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I can still remember the words, ‘When you are a clinician, you are saving a life, but when you are a public health practitioner, you are saving thousands of lives’. These words were delivered by a professor during orientation of my undergraduate Community Medicine course. That introductory speech was so motivating that I contemplated for a while, should I be in the ‘thousands life saver’ group? Though inspiring, that speech alone was not sufficient to grow my interest in public health. Day by day I felt the importance of public health while dealing with various patients as a clinician. During my internship at the Dhaka Medical College Hospital, I managed a diverse group of patients and realized that to delve into the depths of the medicine, there is…show more content…
This school of public health is one of the pioneer schools in this field and leading from the front for about 100 years. Johns Hopkins is not only the largest and oldest school of public health, but it has also maintained its prominence by ranking the top most position in the world for more than last 20 years. Particularly the MPH program consists of highly qualified faculty members. It possesses some of the finest research centers with special mention of the ‘Center for AIDS Research’. Some ongoing research activities on HIV/AIDS are another reason which influenced me to select this program. I strongly believe that this MPH program will provide me a solid foundation of public health knowledge on which I will be able to build my academic and research career. After completion of the MPH, my next plan is to pursue a Ph.D. degree. My ultimate goal is to work in academia and pursue research activities to provide my community with improved quality of life by preventing diseases, limiting morbidities, and reducing

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