Importance Of Integrity In School

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Integrity is defined as the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. Integrity is important in school because you have to be honest in testing. You have to also follow the rules of the school. Integrity for me is important in school because you have to test with your knowledge not somebody else's. Integrity is important in my school life because of fair grades. In school, you have to be honest with yourself and do as best as you can a test. If that means study more, then do so. By cheating, copying and doing someone else’s homework, you are cheating yourself, because you are not learning. You will build your intelligence levels by not cheating, and in the long run get into better colleges, and get a better job. Cheating is just as equivalent to lying and stealing. When you hand in your test, in the example of cheating, you are basically telling your teacher that those are your answers, meanwhile they are somebody else’s, so you are lying and stealing answers. Would you like to have somebody use all of your answers after you spent hours and hours studying and they did none but both manage to get the same grade? Cheating yourself is not fun…show more content…
People like to see the real you because they know you are trustworthy, respectful and a good friend. When you meet a special someone, you cannot cheat because then your relationship will be ruined and over. Integrity will help you to trust yourself and your surroundings more. In relationships and friendships, honesty and trustworthiness are the two most important aspects. The other person has to be able to trust you, or things will be complicated. In school, and work you have to live with integrity so that you make and meet your new everlasting friends. Notice what you do wrong and what your mistakes are now, so that in the future you won’t have to catch

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