Importance Of Individuality And Conformity

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Zane Wood Kari Carter 31 December 2017 The Downsides of Strict Dress Codes We all have a sense of individuality but is it worth giving it up for a chance to fit in with the crowd? Does the use of school uniforms constrict the freedom of expression or is it possible that conformity provides useful benefits for participants? Are uniforms a tangible measure of the amount of control a school needs to provide to reach their educational goals or a distraction from the real issues that may be at hand? School uniforms favor identical appearances rather than personal choice of individuals. Having to dress in a school uniform may stifle a child’s creativity and individualism. According to Fashion Theory: The Journal of Dress, Body & Culture, “school uniforms… do not improve grades, but deny students the expression of individuality and creativity,” Uniforms aren’t applicable in most events outside of work and school. The main purpose of uniforms is a means of identification, which is usually attributed to an organization that the individual is a part of. Although there are jobs that require uniforms (like the armed forces, police officers, firefighters, etc), others like call center jobs and online jobs have a more casual form of attire. Another problem is that not everyone is satisfied or comfortable with the uniforms they are given, with female students typically required to wear skirts while male students are required to wear trousers. Since uniforms don’t factor in the type of body that a student may have, it is more than probable that a student will feel uncomfortable in an outfit that does not fit perfectly or is not made specifically with them in mind. In addition, some students have sensitive skin, which can be irritat... ... middle of paper ... ...According to a study taken by the International Journal of Education Policy and Leadership “high schools adopting uniform policies are more likely to have frequent students’ problem behaviors” On the other hand, studies suggest that the use of school uniforms enhances school spirit, performance, and discipline. According to the International Journal of Educational Management, “Uniforms contribute to better discipline in everyday school operations”. Some school uniforms are provided to families that cannot afford them, saving them additional money in the process. In addition, school uniforms prevent the display of gang signs, inappropriate attire that might be too revealing, contains vulgar language, or other distracting messages, as disciplinary action can be taken against students who decide to wear those types of clothing instead of their school-assigned uniform.
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