Importance Of Individual Education

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Individual Education Program is a program that pays closer attention to a child 's school work and development in the classroom by giving them extra time and extra help in reading, writing, and math skills. I was in an Individual education program from the second grade to the eighth grade due to my lack of literacy skills. As a child I received a minimal amount of practice in reading and writing while I was at home. Before it was time for me to attend the first year of school, I was not developed enough in literacy. Because of this, I had a tutor with me at all times to guide me in class and in after school tutoring. I even had to repeat the third grade because I was not capable of communicating socially with other children my age. Literacy…show more content…
Parents should work harder on developing their children 's literacy skills before the child 's first year of school. Most schools today have a standard level of knowledge that they believe a child needs. They believe a child needs this standard level of knowledge to be able to fully understand the material and successfully communicate with other students. They set this basic level of knowledge so all children can learn effectively and efficiently. For example, a girl that I grew up with started school a year later than everyone else because when it was time to enroll in school she did not have the basic knowledge the school required to get in. Once she was taught all the necessary materials, a year later she was able to attend school. The lack of literacy skills can be detrimental to a child 's education. If a parent wants their children to do well in school and not fall behind, their child 's literacy skills need to be somewhat developed beforehand. If children do not have these initial literacy skills and still attend school, it can hinder their learning process. Starting in a child’s early years of education, as early as kindergarten, children take many standardized test. These test are used to measure how intelligent the child is. They are often taken at the very beginning of the school year and again at the…show more content…
A parent should want their child to succeed in school and be the best student they can possibly be. To succeed in life a child needs to succeed in education. Children are young, therefore, they do not know how important school can be, so it is up to the parents to show them. For many young kids, learning how to read and write is not on their mind. Kids want to play and to get children to want to learn we must push them in the right direction. For example, as a babysitter, I am with many children from the age of 6-12 years old. I feel obligated to teach them something educational occasionally but the children just do not want to learn things when they can go outside and play or watch the television. A 6-year-old kid named Paul absolutely loves Thomas the Train so when I told him that Thomas the Train loves to learn and knows how to write his name, so Paul decided he wanted to know how to write his name as well. This proves that with the right encouragement children will be willing to learn many things so it should not be that hard for a parent to take the time to teach their child something new. As well as encouragement, children need support as well. Children may be young but they can be quick to give up on things that may be the slightest bit difficult. Support for my position can be seen in an example when my little brother was about 10 years of age and he

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