Importance Of INTASC Standards: Learner Development

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INTASC Standards: 1, 2, 7
Standard #1: Learner Development. The teacher identifies how learners grow and develop, acknowledging that patterns of learning and development differ independently within and all through the cognitive, linguistic, social, emotional, and physical areas, and strategies and applies developmentally suitable as well as thought-provoking educational applications (Henson, 2009).
The association among the planning, instructional delivery, including how it influences student engagement, learning and success with this particular professional standard is that the teacher demonstrates knowledge of all students, establishing instructional outcomes by designing well-structured instruction. The teacher instructs and develops learning
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By designing articulate instruction exhibiting malleable and receptive instruction can also promote positive educational attainment (Henson, 2009).
Standard #7: Planning for Instruction. The teacher designs lessons that encourages each student in meeting complex educational objectives by correlating knowledge of subject matter, course outline, cross-disciplinary abilities, and instructional methods, in addition to knowledge of students and the societal environment (Henson, 2009).
In continuation with preparing, planning and implementing appropriate lessons conducive to diverse learners. This particular standard maintains the significance for teachers to recognize each student’s distinct strengths, weaknesses, and needs to construct efficient lessons. Teachers must also assume their skilled responsibilities to employ short-term and long-term planning ensuring student learning. Furthermore, it is important for educators to be receptive to modification and alterations based on student needs and shifting circumstances. If teachers are action oriented and dedicated to continuous development necessary revisions will be executed to benefit and promote student education (Henson,
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Setting Goals and Objectives for Learning. The teacher utilizes a standards-based method to teaching integrated with the state and local curriculum and establishes goals and objectives that depict what students will learn (West Virginia Department of Education, 2010).
Therefore, it is important to establish developmentally appropriate instruction and activities supporting lessons and components with West Virginia Content and Standards and Objective. By clearly stating focused goals and incorporating content along with disciplines will advise students’ about the subject matter they will learn so that they can constructively achieve affirmed goals increasing prospect for academic success (West Virginia Department of Education, 2010). 1d. Designing Instruction. The educator includes student involvement whenever it is suitable in designing instruction in a way that engages students in a series of purposeful educational exercises that encourages the West Virginia Content Standards and Objectives and the effects in designed student teaching (West Virginia Department of Education,
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