Importance Of ICT In Language Teaching

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This chapter presents the background of study, problems of the study, objectives of the study, significance of the study, scope and limitation, and definition of key terms.

A. Background of Study
The developments of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) from age to age make it becomes the media which can facilitate people’s activities. In education scope, ICT helps teachers and students to develop their quality of teaching and learning process, even many education institutes have many kinds of ICT as media to develop the quality of education process. Many studies reveal about various advantages of teaching, learning and developing English Language skills by using ICT. Some examples of studies are conducted by Birmingham on reading
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The problems may come from their selves and from outside. Such a study conducted by Hadi Salehi and Zeinab Salehi (2012) entitle “Integration of ICT in Language Teaching: challenges and barrier”, it revealed that high school teachers are familiar with ICT and its usage, but it doesn’t mean that they integrate ICT into the curriculum. On the other hand, a study by Dr. Alajab Mohammed A. and Huda Sulatan Ahmed “Teachers And Students` Perception Towards The Use Of Information And Communication Technology For Teaching English In Bahrain Governmental Secondary Schools” revealed that many students are motivated and being helped since their teachers integrate the ICT in teaching and learning process. By knowing its fact, however the teachers as students’ learning facilitator in the school should strive to innovate the medium used for facilitate them. Therefore, by the significance of ICT in English teaching and learning, the teachers’ competence on taking the advantages from the ICT need to be increased. As new media for educational purpose, it gives various advantages in this globalization era, not only for the teachers but also the students and even for education…show more content…
What are the differences between lecturers’ and students’ view on the use of ICT in English learning and teaching?
C. Objectives of The Study
According to the problems stated above, the general purpose of this research is to investigate lecturers’ view on the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in English teaching and students’ view on the use of Information and ICT in English learning. In addition, this study will also reveal about the differences between lecturers’ and students’ view on their opinions and attitudes towards ICT usage for English teaching and learning.
D. Significance of The Study
This study which is focused on investigating the lecturers’ view on the use of ICT in English teaching and learning is expected to contribute some benefits for the English lecturers and students, school institution, and the researcher. By knowing the result of this study, English lecturers and students will finally know whether they find ICT helpful in English teaching and learning or not. In consequence, they can decide the best way to adjust their teaching media towards the students’ needs. They will be also pushed to increase their ability and explore more about ICT to be used as appropriate medium for teaching process in this globalization
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