Importance Of Human Resource Management In The Hospitality Industry

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A Vital Area of the Company

Some individuals will give one a worried or an unhappy look when someone mentions three words. Those three words would be Human Resource Management (HRM). Love it or hate it HRM is a necessity for any company or business. Many individuals have their opinion about this function of a company, but it is a required and necessary part of a company. However, HMR deals with some issues for a company. Some of those issues can stem from staffing, employee and labor relations, and human resource development. Although, in the hospitality industry not every company or business has an HR person or department and this can create some problems for the staff. There are two pressing issues in this field that need to be addressed.
…show more content… notes, “…80 percent of male restaurant workers and 64 percent of females” have an alcohol addiction (Professions, n.d.). This static should not surprise too many people. One reason is because workers are exposed to liquor while they are at work. The second reason is that the workers in this industry are in chronic pain because of all the heavy lifting and pulling they are doing day after day. The number one reason that employees use drugs and alcohol is because of stress in the workplace. Working in this industry can bring on an enormous amount of pressure. That stress can come from the general public, trying to meet the demands of the owners or managers, or pressure of upselling to customers. Therefore, HRM within this industry has to be on the watch for employees who may have an…show more content…
Most of the substance abusers in this industry would be males from the age of 18 to 50. However, females that were deemed substance abusers ranged from 35 to 65. Many of these workers could not find the help they needed from their place of employment, and they also did not have the finical means to enter rehab. However, when their work suffered because of his or her addiction. They would call off work, be unmotivated, and sometimes not be in the right mental state. Which in turn made it harder for the other workers around them because they were the ones that were picking up their slack at work. This created a problem for management because they would terminate that employee and hire a new worker to take his or her place, which meant that the business was allocating and spending money on
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