Importance Of Human Being

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What is Human Being? There are many aspects significant to human beings, which differentiate our kind from the rest of the Animal Kingdom. The chain of ideas, creations, and events that have driven Homo sapiens forward throughout time are very unique, which are all due to our special anatomy and our superior intelligence. However, these human traits do not define human being, although they play a key role. Human being is using what makes us humans to move ourselves forward, and in turn moving the world forward. To start, our human anatomy is one major factor that separates us from all other species.
Yes, there are other beings capable of bipedalism, but not in the same way we are. Our special form of bipedalism propels us in various directions while allowing our hands to be
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We are able to understand and learn from our mistakes, as well as find reason in our actions and in others’ actions. We are able to reason and understand one another, and in turn have consideration for one another. Our minds are like endless, interconnected wires, capable of finding deep understanding and reason in everything we do; this is important to human being because without our superior mind one would not be able to accomplish human being. Human being is using our bodies and intelligence to control the way we live so that we better ourselves, and our world. It is living in order to find fulfilment in ourselves and our lives.
This is done by living in order to achieve absolute happiness, a sense of higher education, and developing a sense of high morals. Living to achieve absolute happiness is, by learning to appreciate life as it comes, by going through the worst times and still wanting to continue going forward, and by accepting others’ strength when in need and reciprocating it. Meaning, one learns to understand the value of what they have, and even when they do not have, they still want to give to others, instead of
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