Importance Of Hospital Physician Staff Collaboration

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For many years the terms management has been used in the professional field, whether it is through health, financial, business, or other productive fields it plays an important role. Within a management, there is always a leadership that compresses organization together. When I think of the word management, I literally go back to my notes about the term management and its purpose. As the general term goes, management is form of arts and skills that effectively and efficiently composites resources that is needed to set and to accomplished the goals and objectives of the organization. In many organization, management is the main roots that holds all the attributes through these three important skills. These skills are: planning,
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this article gives a depth to the importance of hospital physician staff collaboration. Why some hospitals have different forms of management or leadership style when it comes to caring for patients. This article basically talks the collaborative between the physician and staff. Collaborative between physicians and staff, is the fundamental roots of management and at this level of collaboration, it helps build trust amongst different experts and educates them in respects to the strengths and weaknesses of each individual that makes up the organization and their team. With this understanding, it helps medical staff perform their duties more proficiently and consequently continue to succeed. According to the story, while at the hospital, the patient who had admitted sister notice the nurses talking about the decision the physician had made while treating the patient. They were talking about how much fluid the patient was getting. Within that movement the patient sister heard their conservation and asks why they couldn’t talk to the physician about the condition of her sister. One the nurses said “the physician was not open to her question or suggestion”. The way thing were manage at this hospital was the physicians way or not. It was very clear and precise about and the way physicians behave toward their nurses at this hospital. It was indeed unethical and not being able to communicate, exchange, or share ideas with their nurse’s show their style of leadership. This infirmity is indeed acceptable because nobody had talk or speaks out about it. A perfect of the situation concerning the issue with the nurses and the physician. Case in point, the booklet analytic thinking “As long as the overwhelming mass of persons in the broader society are drawn to news articles that reinforce, and do not question, their fundamental views or passions, the economics

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