Importance Of Home Life

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Growing up, realistic success seemed out of reach. Uncertainty and at times desperation caused many people to leave our area and not return chasing this unfamiliar achievement. Falling victim to our home town’s irrational actions are what happened to those who chose to stay or could not escape. We viewed false idols with fabricated life styles and popular figure because we were blind to other facets of triumph. Home life in Compton, Ca was a struggle with my mother who raised my younger brother and me. Early living with my grandmother, my mother went from job to job struggling to find suitable employment to care for us. At age14 when moving into our own place, I moved into more of a father figure role caring for my younger brother as my mother work 4 days a week 6pm-6am as a CNA in Las Vegas, NV. Our mother raised us to be helpful, resourceful, and compassionate embedding qualities I exhibit today. No matter what we had she would explain we always had enough to help someone else and I learned humility is key in every situation. From this I began working at age 15 to help pay bills in our home while going to school and remaining in athletics. The qualities learned early on along with support from my mother, I used to fuel my educational career. It was important to me that I attended a higher institution of learning and I knew it had to start while I was in high school. My high school in Las Vegas was a step up educationally from the school I attended in Compton and so I took advantage of the opportunity. Cimarron Memorial High had a Principal and staff that were able to provide me with moral tools that matched what my mother gave me along with my education. I was taught by teachers who believed in integrity, compassion, justific... ... middle of paper ... ...ntions and life skill training to children age 5-18. Working as part of a team my key focus is to sustain a stable home environment and help the child become self-sufficient and functional in everyday tasks. These duties range to behavior modification, positive peer relationships, coping techniques, and following adult instructions. Also part of these services is providing crisis management and interventions to each family on-call 24 hours 7 days a week. I have committed myself to work with children and families particularly in areas parallel to the dynamics of where I was born and raised. I want to concentrate on Social Work in correlation to lower socio-economic individuals and mental health aspects that are severely ignored in these communities. I am preparing myself to be part of the change I want to see in our communities as I will remain in these communities.
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