Importance Of Home In Shooting An Elephant, And Andrea Levy's Back To My Own Country

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What is home? Home does not necessarily have to be a specific place it could also be a place that you feel safe or comfortable in. From the early 1500s to the late 1900s, Britain used its superior naval, technological, and economic power to colonize and control territories worldwide which affected how most of these people's thoughts on what home is. In “Back to My Own Country” this story is about a girl that moved to london at a young age and was forced to change her morals and beliefs to try and seem less than an outsider to the community. The second story “Shooting an Elephant” is about orwell, a sub divisional police officer in Moulmein who was hated by large numbers of people and didn't feel welcome where he was and later was forced…show more content…
The bus was full of people with only one black person and he was smiling and polite he was still viewed as an outsider “I was embarrassed by him” (Andre Levy 691) she was just like him but felt embarrassed by him because he was like an alien to the others. The author talks about how she came to london from the caribbean “that made my family very odd. We were immigrants. Outsiders.” (Andrea Levy 692) living in london at that time and not being white instantly made you an outsider. “On one occasion my mom did not have enough money to buy food for our dinner. None at all. She worried that she might be forced into the humiliation of asking someone…..” (Andrea Levy 693) in the caribbean there family was middle class but in london they were poor. The effect the british colonization even made her family be ashamed of other caribbeans and isolated themselves from other black caribbeans and wanted nothing to do with them. This brainwashed the author she even says “in my efforts to be as british as i could be, i was completely indifferent to jamaica. None of my friends knew anything about the caribbean. They didn't know where it was, or who lived there, or why. And they had no curiosity about it beyond asking why black people were in this country. It was too foreign and therefore not worth knowing.” (Andrea Levy 694) the author grew up thinking that white people were superior and wanted to fit in which meant abandoning her true self and dropping her cultures and beliefs just to be accepted. The author later gets a wakeup call when she was working part time for a sex-education project for young people “one day the staff had to take part in a racism awareness course. We were asked to split into two groups, black and white. I walked over to the white side the room. It was, ironically where i felt most at

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