Importance Of Historiographical Essay

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Historiographical essays implement mainly secondary sources of like concentrations to stake new claims, reinforce classic ideas and to negate inaccuracies of the past. An effectual historiographical essay should further the reader’s knowledge of the subject at hand. Numerous factors should be taken in consideration in the production of a historiographical essay. All historiographical essays should incorporate critical analysis. These compositions should also be problem centered, meaning they should be centered around a research question. The writer should then consider the various approaches in writing a historiographical essay. Prevalent approaches include a “rival schools” point of view, the thematic approach and a State of the field…show more content…
The first step in formulating a historiographical essay is to formulate a thesis that speaks to the event or issue of study. Implementing a variety of sources from different time periods could help bolster the author’s historical argument and thesis. Scholarly writings tend to shape the understanding of said topic, this fact should be incorporated in the essay. However, it is significant to note that some sources, while they are centered around the same topic, will often be contradictory. The writer can use this to his/her benefit by including various perspectives. Writers should work in creative manners to smooth over contradictions or use them in a way that will agree with the overall argument. Moreover, if done correctly, using diverse perspectives will in turn display a mastery of the subject by the author. Aside from the writing itself, it is critical to take in account the footnotes and bibliography. This material not only adds to the reader’s knowledge base, but opens doors for more expansive research in the future on the part of the author and reader. When constructing a body of sources for the essay it is
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