Importance Of Heritage Tourism In Malaysia

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Tourism is an influential economic development instrument which creates jobs, provides new business opportunities and strengthens Malaysia’s economies. It helps to protect our nation’s natural and cultural reserve and improve the quality of life for residents and visitors if cultural heritage tourism development using an appropriate planning. In past few years, the essential role of tourism industry was acting as marketing ready products to tourists. Nowadays, tourism, preservation, heritage, and culture are much more likely to overlie, where some state tourism offices now help develop heritage resources, and number of preservation institution are marketing their sites to tourist. The promotion of cultural heritage tourism in Malaysia faces…show more content…
Transparent of local action, provision of grants and technical advice, sufficient law and enforcement, the introduction of sustainable measure in planning and heritage partnership are the measures to be improved in the Malaysia’s historical heritage like Merdeka Square. In concern to the problems faced by historic cities in Malaysia, the local authorities had undertaken various initiatives and measures in dealing with the contest. Among the measures and initiative taken were zoning of conservation and buffer, zone pedestrianisation in heritage cities, diversification of tourism products, heritage and tourism management and local involvement in heritage…show more content…
There are few important amendments were made to this law such as the behavior while at the Dataran Merdeka. Any person at the Dataran Merdeka should not use any immoral language or behave in such manner that may cause discomfort to the public. People should not organize or take part in gambling or carry out any activities that may cause the nuisance to others at the Dataran Merdeka. Others amendment was the power of closure and removal. The authorized officer may close the whole of the Dataran Merdeka or any part of it if he thinks it necessary or if any nuisance arises that may likely cause disaster or danger or might affects the safety of the public. Not only that, the commissioner can order any person who remains at the Dataran Merdeka or any part thereof which is closed under paragraph or who contravenes any of the provisions of these By-laws to immediately leave the Dataran Merdeka. If any person who refused to obey the order shall be guilty of an offence and may, by reasonable force, be removed by the Commissioner or any authorized
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